We are ISO-17025 Accredited for Physical-Dimensional Calibrations.
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Calibration Services

Tool Testing Lab offers quality, professional calibration services.

We will ship in five working days or less after receipt of tools, or the calibration charge is free on all unshipped tools.


For our current product, service, and new customer specials see our Current Specials page.

Conversion Software

This freeware, easy-to-use conversion software quickly allows a user to convert units of measurement. It contains many conversions such as Torque, Mass, Pressure and more. We hope you find this free software helpful.

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Welcome to Tool Testing Lab

TTL-300-DTG-K image Tool Testing Lab has been in business at the same location for over 10 years, founded by Ted Bowden and has grown to over 18 employees. Ted, being a certified aviation mechanic, recognized the need for quality calibration, repair and certification of tools, with traceability to NIST standards. We began with torque equipment certification and soon grew to include measurement equipment, pressure gauges, electronics, force, tension and much more.

These roots have led us to specialize in aircraft technician hand tool repair and calibration with flat rate pricing to guarantee no surprises (repair parts are extra, of course). We carry an unusually large inventory of original equipment replacement parts in stock. This inventory allows us to guarantee a maximum of five days to certify your tools, but our average turn around is three days. Your tools are returned cleaned, with a Certificate including test data, a NIST traceability report complete with test range data and readings. We do not give you time to miss your tools!

We at Tool Testing Lab pride ourselves in our program of continuing education and training for our technicians. Our technicians are continually trained in the latest in calibration and repair technologies.

Tool Testing Lab is small enough to be flexible to meet any special demands and provide extra service to our customers. When you call us with questions, we can usually provide you with an answer while you are on the phone. We offer 24 hour and same day expedited certification service (additional charges will apply).

We welcome anyone to stop by and visit/audit us at anytime.

Tire Pressure Assemblies

Tool Testing Lab, a leading metrology and certification lab in the USA, has added to its line of tools for professional mechanics and technicians, with a digital, full-range (0-300psi) full featured tire pressure gauge.

Industry standards permit aircraft tires to lose as much as 1% of their pressure each day, and even mild underinflation can allow temperatures to rise exponentially, sometimes resulting in heat-induced failures even while taxiing. Underinflation can cause poor tracking and landings or even total failure of the tire or wheel. Underinflation lengthens the takeoff roll and reduces the brakes' predictability and effectiveness. ...
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