We Don't Give You
Time To Miss Your Tools!

TTL is deadline driven. We offer 5 day maximum turnaround time. Our typical turnaround is less than 3 days.

We are in business to make our customers happy.

TTL employees recognize that they are working to serve the customer.  At Tool Testing Lab You Are Number 1

At Tool Testing Lab, customer service is our number 1 priority.  You will look forward to working with our team or trained professionals.

People Deserve to Speak to People

During business hours, your phone call will always be answered by an actual person, not a machine.  You will be helped promptly and are welcome to speak directly with a friendly and knowledgeable calibration technician.  Our techs can help you determine what you need and how we TTL can best serve you.  If you have additional needs or concerns you are welcome to speak with a manager or even the President of our company.

Clean the Tools and the Cases

We take the extra time to clean the tools and the cases.  When you get your equipment back it will be clean and ready for work!  Your equipment will look as professional as you do.