Calibration – We Deliver Speed, Quality, And Precision In 5 Days or Less

Five Day Turnaround

5 Days or Less Guaranteed

At T.T.L, we provide our customers with exceptional service and precise calibration. From receiving to shipping and all the calibration in between; our mission is to have your tool certified, cleaned, and shipped in 5 days or less guaranteed.*

*Excludes repairs

What Do You Need to Experience Our Calibration Service?

  • P.O number or name
  • Contact Info
  • Return Address
  • Email (For Tool Notifications)
  • Method of Shipping (Ground, NDA, etc.)
  • Shipping Account Number
  • List of tools or indicate how many items are in the order (We will verify that they are the correct items on the P.O)
  • Please note “Expedite Service” if needed (Please indicate Same day 50% or Next day 25%)
  • Note any repair concerns